The relationship between purchasing department and other department essay

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13 Important Function of Purchasing Department of an Organisation

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A purchasing department has to fulfill the needs of other departments in the organisation. It is the function of purchasing department to work in close coordination and cooperation with other departments of the company.

Relationship between Prospectus and department Essay.


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Acetate department Essay

for only $ $/page. Order now. Search. Related Essays. The Relationship between Purchasing Department and other Department. Relationship between Purchasing Department and other Departments In a firm with a good system of internal control, all purchases of machinery, equipment and materials must go through the Purchasing Department.

Relations with other functions. We have discussed in the earlier section that organisations have replaced the segmented structure of the procurement function with integrated structures, and procurement has moved on from being a discrete activity to being the hub of a.

Solution: Procurement and finance have always been related functions. There are some reasons of the relationship: Improving the overall performance of process has become a common priority of top management and purchasing managers in terms of productivity and cost reduction.

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Topic: Acetate department.

Relationship Between Purchasing and Supply and Other Business Functions The relationship between purchasing department and other department essay
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