Essay on my nickname

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In English my name means someone who is wise and honorable. According to the Biblical references, my name means judgment of God.

In Chinese, my name means lucky family. My Chinese name was chosen by my wise grandparents. My English name was chosen by my parents from a movie. Daniel is also the name 3/5(2). Nov 13,  · The Donkey said. My family is also huge on nicknames.

My favorite thing about nicknames is that they morph and spawn new nicknames. Sometimes it’s hard to even trace back how the nickname was Jay's Essays. This type of assignment is a short piece of writing that includes a subjective point of view of the writer.

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Get started now! My last name Holmes is the only name that originated from my father’s side of my family.

Essay on my nickname

Holmes is my dad’s last name, and when he married my mom her last name changed from Jordan to Holmes. Thus, when I was born I was automatically given the last name Holmes. Nov 13,  · The Donkey said. My family is also huge on nicknames. My favorite thing about nicknames is that they morph and spawn new nicknames.

Sometimes it’s hard to even trace back how the nickname was Jay's Essays.

Essay on my nickname
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Essay on my nickname